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Soul Eater 30 Day Challenge

Day 15: Your Favorite Crack Pairing


Marie x Toilet


Finished another yarn tail.

Will hopefully post photos soon. I need to get the internet back D|

Soul Eater 30 Day Challenge

Day 14: Your Least Favorite Pairing


Stein x Medusa

Nope. Sorry. Just don’t like it. I mean, I love the banter that goes on between these two but….she’s just not healthy for him.

*scurries away to find a place to hide from the angry shippers*

Dropping the price on the purple, lime and black tail down to $45 since I need it gone yesterday. Also have a mini-tail keychain that’s about 7 1/2 inches long pictured for sale. Yar$8, shipping included to the US, Paypal only. Message me for details.

Soul Eater 30 Day Challenge

Day 13: Your Favorite Pairing


Spirit x Azusa

You really need to ask? Mmmm I love them. And IDGAF what anyone thinks.

These two come in at a close second though.


Soul Eater 30 Day Challenge

Day 12: Your Least Favorite From Noah’s Team


JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stand him. I don’t know why, there was just something that annoyed me about him.

It was his mouth.

Soul Eater 30 Day Challenge

Day 11: Your Favorite From Noah’s Team


I have this weird thing about chainsaws…I don’t know. He’s really vulgar, no fucks given…though he can get a little annoying at times. Still like him though

Soul Eater 30 Day Challenge

Day 10- Your Least Favorite Witch


Medusa Gorgon

The feelings I harbor for this character are quite….odd. On one hand, I really, really wish I could love her. But after everything she did to Crona…What she told Stein during the battler underground…I can’t. I just. Can’t.

Soul Eater 30 Day Challenge

Day 9-Your Favorite Witch


She was just so adorable and I just wanted to squish her because of all the shit Medusa put her through.